Structure-and-Motion Pipeline on a Hierarchical Cluster Tree

R.Toldo, R. Gherardi, M. Farenzena, and A. Fusiello Department of Computer Science
University of Verona, Verona - Italy


This work introduces a novel hierarchical scheme for computing Structure and Motion. The images are organized into a tree with agglomerative clustering, using a measure of overlap as the distance. The reconstruction then follows this tree from the leaves to the root. As a result, the problems is broken into smaller instances, which are then separately solved and combined. Compared to the standard sequential approach, this pipeline boost computational efficiency by one order of magnitude, it is independent from the initial pair of views, and copes better with drift problems. See also 3Dflow development blog for the latest developements.




Images Reconstruction Video

54 JPG images / 4.7 Mb file

Piazza Dante

39 JPG images / 5.3 Mb file

Piazza Erbe

259 JPG images / 24 Mb file

Piazza Bra

380 PNG images / 821 Mb file


309 PNG images / Images not available

Piazza Bra [NEW]

331 JPG images / 358 Mb file

San Giacomo

269 JPG images / 522 Mb file


92 JPG images / 432 Mb file
This dataset is courtesy of L. Barazzetti (Gicarus Lab), and this is the relavant publication.

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