Advanced Scheduling Systems


Exam Rules

The exam of Advanced Scheduling Systems is composed by 3 parts: project, oral exam, and lab sessions(optional).


The project consiste in the development of a software for the solution of a discrete optimization problem by means of one or more techniques studied in the course, using the tools described in class.

The project can be individual or developed in groups of 2-3 students, that must take the exam in the same date.

The topic of the project can be selected by the students, or be the one of the "standard" ones. In any case, the topic of the project must be agreed upon with the teacher in advance.

Oral part:

The oral part is individual and spans over the full course material. It includes the discussion of the project and the lab sessions.

Lab sesssions:

During the course there will be 4 lab sessions (esercitazioni). Each student participating to each session can submit to the teacher his/her work after finishing it at home within the deadline communicated in class (typically a few days). Lab sessions can be done in groups of at most three persons. Only students participanting to the session in class can submit their work.


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