Technology Transfer

Together with two former students of mine (R. Toldo and  S. Fantoni), in 2011 I co-founded 3Dflow,  a University spinoff operating in the fields of 3D reconstruction, 3D modeling from reality (both small scale and large scale objects), 3D video processing, 3DTV. The flagship product is 3DF Zephyr, a software able to transform images into 3D models (see the video below).

Three former students of mine (R. Marzotto ; co-founder,  M. Farenzena;  employee and A. Colombari;  past-employee) are involved in  EvS,  a spinoff company of the University of Verona, focused on machine vision, driving assistance, security and biomedical engineering.

I had been the P.I. of several  industry-funded projects: Activision IncAutomazioni Industriali srl, Ferrari BK spa, Gexcel srlOCN spa,  SACMI spa.

ST Microelectronics spa funded  a 3-year PhD fellowship under my supervision (student: Francesco Malapelle).