Research activities

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3D Modeling

Main theme: model acquisition from images, structure from motion 

    Global camera-network orientation
    Procrustean methods
    Multi View Matching
    Bundle adjustment with constraints


Multiple-model fitting

Fitting multiple instances of a model to data corrupted by noise and outliers


Linkage clustering  with Jaccard/Tanimoto


Robust Preference Analys (RPA) 


Random Sample Coverage (RansaCov)


Scan2BIM with J-linkage


Multi-class Cascaded T-linkage

Remote Sensing

LIDAR processing

  Full-Waveform  LIDAR Data Classification    

Mosaicing - View Synthesis

Methods based on image collineations for mosaicing, background/foreground segmentation, image synthesis.



Augmented reality

Augmenting underwater images, model tracking,  cross-modality.

  Augmented Reality for Remotely Operated Vehicles