Epipolar rectification

A. Fusiello with E. Trucco,  A. Verri,  L. Irsara


Given a pair of stereo images, rectification determines a transformation of each image plane such that pairs of conjugate epipolar lines become collinear and parallel to one of the image axes. The rectified images can be thought of as acquired by a new stereo rig, obtained by rotating the original cameras. The important advantage of rectification is that computing stereo correspondences is reduced to a 1-D search problem along the horizontal raster lines of the rectified images.  Two techniques are available:


The MATLAB Rectification Toolkit includes both the calibrated and uncalibrated options. It requires some functions contained in the MATLAB  Computer Vision Toolkit by A. Fusiello and VLfeat toolbox  by A. Vedaldi.

Reference papers