Counter-examples for the STT and GSTT algorithms

Copyright (c) 2009 by

Paweł Dłotko

Jagiellonian University in Krak˛w, Poland, pawel.dlotko at

Ruben Specogna

University of Udine, Italy, ruben.specogna at

Download the zip package (415kb), extract it and run the file tc.m with Matlab.

To change the counter-example, change the variable cex inside the file tc.m. The following counter-examples or examples are possible:

  1. cex=1 trivial domain, simplest counter-example;
  2. cex=2 trivial domain, cube counter-example;
  3. cex=3 trivial domain, Bing's house;
  4. cex=4 torus, "nice" generator;
  5. cex=5 torus, self-intersecting generator;
  6. cex=6 torus, knotted generator;
  7. cex=7 torus, generator with multiple windings;
  8. cex=8 double torus, "nice" generators;
  9. cex=9 double torus, intersecting generators;
  10. cex=10 double torus, generator with multiple windings;
  11. cex=11 trefoil knot.

Use & distribution covered by GNU General Public License (