Idea Generation

The Lotus Blossom technique was originally developed by Yasuo Matsumura, Director of the Clover Management Research (Japan).
This technique is based upon the use of analytical capacities and helps to generate a great number of ideas that will possibly provide the best solution to the problem to be addressed by the management group.
It can be broken down into six major steps:

Figure 3-10: Lotus blossom

1. Draw up a lotus blossom diagram (Figure 3-10) made up of a square in the center of the diagram (the pistil) and eight circles (petals) surrounding the square;

2. Write the central idea or problem in the center of the diagram (yellow square);

3. Look for ideas or solutions for the central theme. Then write them in the flower petals (pink circles).

Example 1

The main idea of a company was to “build a creative atmosphere within the company”. The company managers wrote this statement in the center of a lotus blossom.
Afterwards, during a debate, they devised eight ideas about the main theme: >

- “Offer contexts for ideas”;
- “Create a challenging atmosphere”;
- “Organize meetings of creative thinking”;
- “Generate paths to get out of the box”;
- “Generate a positive attitude”;
- “Make up a creativity board”;
- “Make the job funny”;
- “Expand the meaning of job”.
These ideas were written in the circles all round the main square;

4. Each idea written in the circles becomes the central theme of a new lotus blossom (Figure 3-11):

Figure 3-11 Lotus blossoms

5. Follow step 3 with all central ideas;

6. Continue the process until all ideas have been used.

Example 2

This technique helped the above-mentioned company to create many interesting ideas. Among the others, they set up a special room for creative thinking which was furnished with creativity books, videos, educational toys and so on. Moreover, it was decorated with drawings made by the personnel’s children, to remind that everyone was born innocent and creative.

Source: http://members.optusnet.com.au/~charles57/Creative]

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