Idea Generation

The Gordon’s method is one of the creative techniques developed by Osborn in his famous book “L’arte della creativity”.

“In “Operational Creativity” by William J.J.Gordon, collective discussion firstly addresses every conceivable aspect of a broad problem solving approach. For example, to devise a new tin opener, the Gordon group discusses the “opening” theme and examines any possible meaning of this word and any possible example of opening (items, nature, etc.). This process helps to discover unusual approaches to the planning of a new tin opener. Afterwards, the group studies and develops these approaches.” (Osborn, 1992)

  • Osborn A.F., L'arte della creativity, Milano, Franco Angeli, 1992, ed. orig. del 1953.





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chutiya method 

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its not the current definition.. Gordon Method The method emphasizes effective communication and conflict resolution using the win-win strategy. Other skills from his program are Active listening and the use of I-Messages. Besides P.E.T., Dr. Gordon and his organization has introduced Gordon workshops for leaders (L.E.T.), adults (Be Your Best), youth (Y.E.T and Resolving Conflicts at School), teachers (T.E.T.), salespeople (Synergistic Selling). 

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quality method..without this brief note i cant be able to understand the gaurden methods thnx for ur notes..thnxxx 

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Jamun method... 

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